Design Difference

Most academic planning software features the same functionality- experiential tools to manage sites, create rotations, track requirements; assessment tools, portfolios, competencies, curriculum outlining, coursework, etc...

CoreTrax has all these, but is different by design- it was built with input from preceptors, students and administrators who were using CoreTrax throughout the entire development process, with feedback being incorporated daily. For that matter, they are still providing feedback. This has created an ever improving system- where innovation is the norm.

Download a one page feature summary that outlines standard functionality and highlights some advanced features.

General Features

  • Queue/ Todo List System automatically shows each user tasks that must be completed and provides easy access to theme
  • Integrated Cloud Sharing System
  • Direct to excel export
  • Customizable automated reminder email system for expiration dates and due dates
  • Create custom roles (i.e. Teaching Assistant and Site Administrator); and each role can have customized rights for the application


  • Organize sites, rotations, students and preceptors
  • Manual & automated rotation assignment & trading
  • Extended rotation search features
  • Flexible program setup for APPEs and IPPEs
  • Student hour & requirement tracking
  • PaperWork system manages any document efficiently


  • Manage courses and coursework
  • Create rubrics with elements linked to competencies
  • Various types of course admins (i.e. Teaching assistants)
  • System graded questionnaires
  • Upload files as coursework


  • Integrated customizable competency-based system
  • Map competencies to questions and rubric elements
  • Students and preceptors can view competency progress
  • Portfolio system for sharing student documents
  • Build evaluations, surveys & forms