Experiential Solutions

An experiential program has many moving parts that must be coordinated for things to run smoothly. From creating and assigning rotations to managing evaluations and everything in between there is a tool built within CoreTrax to assist.

Rotation Management

Rotations are fundamental to an experiential program- and so are good tools to manage rotations.
  • Complete construction yard for rotations - with any requirements
  • Flexible rotation parameters: length, classification, category, type, etc...
  • Advanced student rotation preference system with multiple analysis tools for match satisfaction
  • Automated rotation pairing with flexible parameters
  • Integrated directly with assessment through competency linked evaluations
  • Preceptors can manage their own availability (if desired)

Tools For Those Who Need Them

Delegation is key for the success of any project, and key to delegation is making sure that those with responsibility have what they need to work efficiently. Within CoreTrax users have various responsibilities, from the student, to preceptors, to site administrators, to the experiential director- and in order to fulfill these responsibilities successfully there must be appropriate access and tools available.

This means that a site administrator can view the profile of any student at their site, including paperwork and portfolio items. A preceptor can view not only their own evaluations but those of other preceptors (for shared students).

Not Just Tools- The Right Tools

Users often find that while a tool works- it maybe inefficient, and that there is room for optimization or the creation of additional tools. This sort of specific feedback resulted in a number of optimizations and new tools being created. For example:
  • Pre-fill evaluation based on a midpoint or another evaluation to save time and improve continuity
  • Quickly jump to mandatory questions that haven't been answered
  • After answering a question auto-scroll to the next (can be toggled on or off)
  • Spell checking with suggestions
  • Enhanced evaluation printing (as a form for completion or finalized for the student)
  • A variety of rotation search options, from the basic to the more precise

These are just a few of the enhancements that were made along the way - request a demo to see them all.