Curriculum Solutions

A program’s curriculum is the blueprint or knowledge that is imparted; it includes courses, coursework, teachers, teaching assistants, and students, to name just a few. The interactions between all of these elements can be managed within CoreTrax.

Building Blocks - Courses

A course is a fundamental unit of the curriculum- these are very flexible within CoreTrax, allowing for any number of courses and combination of administrators, students and coursework.
  • Customizable course creation
  • Multiple course administrators with various roles and rights - from full administrators to teaching assistants
  • Communicate with students

Control Coursework

To manage coursework teachers can create coursework templates- basically an outline for an assignment, including a rubric, grading scheme, and other parameters. These templates can assigned to students and as coursework assignments.
  • Create and assign coursework
  • Create custom rubrics
  • Coursework can include files uploads, rubrics and questionnaire style assignments (which the system can assist in grading)
  • Share coursework between students and preceptors and with others if desired using the CoreTrax Portfolio

Rubric Factory

Rubrics are entirely flexible within CoreTrax; course administrators can create as many rubrics with as many elements and any point system they like. These can then be associated with coursework. In order to integrate coursework with assessment rubric elements can be linked to one or more competencies. This allows for analysis and feedback. Students can see direct links between competency objectives and specific work that they have completed.