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Interested in CoreTrax?

A tour of CoreTrax application can be arranged with full functional demo. Please contact us using the information below.


How is CoreTrax different than other experiential software?
There are a number of differences that are fully enumerated on the Features page; these focus on the design methodology and the specific technologies used.

How long does it take to setup CoreTrax at a new school?
The process has been designed to be fast. To build CoreTrax for a new school takes about 15 minutes- however this just builds the shell so to speak, data must be added. There are tools in place to facilitate loading information quickly- such as student and preceptor user lists and other pre-fabricated data. The speed of this process is largely dependent on the institution- once it is provided then data optimization and upload requires less than a day. (This may vary with complexity of the situation)

What is involved in migrating from an existing application to CoreTrax?
Similar to a new school it only requires a short time to create the actual running copy of CoreTrax. The CoreTrax team has experience migrating from existing applications (i.e. E*Value) and can assist in making this as painless as possible; even helping with extracting and manipulating data- really anything that is needed to help with the transition. The process does not have to take a long time- infrastructure is in place to streamline existing data into the CoreTrax data structure.

How much does CoreTrax cost?
The cost of CoreTrax will vary depending on several factors including institution size, contract length, and the desire to provide institutions with a competitive option- that not only offers quality, but is cost effective. For a personalized quote please email at:

What is involved in CoreTrax support?
A support contract has various options available, including email support, phone support, an online knowledge-base, and soon video tutorials. As well as a built in help system within the application.