Assessment Solutions

Assessment is a key part of the experiential process and needs to be seamlessly integrated throughout multiple aspects of a student's experience- from curricular to experiential.

Customizable Competencies

Competencies provide the backbone for assessment. They are the infrastructure on which a students progress is measured and analyzed. Therefore it is important that they be integrated into the various tasks that the student completes and that meaningful feedback be available to all involved.
  • Completely flexible competencies
  • May preload AACP competencies or any other list
  • Linkable to student assignments - including specific questions and rubric elements
  • Students and preceptors can view competency based analysis to provide useful feedback on progress

Data Collection - The Questionnaire

Being able to gather data is key to assessment and the fundamental unit that gathers data is a questionnaire- a list of elements that require input. Therefore within CoreTrax is a complete suite of tools for designing, creating and manipulating questionnaires. Whether it be for evaluation, form, coursework, or survey it can be constructed completely at the administrator’s discretion.

Data collection is only half the battle- in fact not even half- because if data is collected in a poorly structured or inaccessible format then it is essentially lost. Good data starts with quality crafting of a questionnaire but ends with tools designed to report and analyze this data. These are available throughout CoreTrax, often times with direct to excel export available.

The Portfolio - What's That?

We live in a world of cloud data and social media, where being able to share information is the standard. Using the CoreTrax portfolio students and administrators can choose to share information, from an uploaded document to coursework and everything in between. Throughout the design process the concept of a portfolio went through several revisions and ultimately ended up as a highly flexible way of sharing information.